Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 10, 2018

Boston’s Curse~by rldubour



Boston’s Curse

Image result for 2004 world series champions

2004, is this our year?

This is the fans biggest fear.

We all watch in awe with excitement and thrill

And pray this is the year the curse will be killed.


This year our pitchers are no joke.

We have Arroyo, Dinardo, Embree and Foulke.

With fingers crossed the Red Sox are thrilling.

As we watch Lowe, Malaska, Maritinez and Schilling.


With our foes at the plate it seems like a sin.

Against Seibel, Wakefield, Williamson, Timlin and Kim.

Their goal is to pitch strikes over the plate.

So far this season there is no debate.


With catchers like Mirabelli and Varitek.

The best in the league, this you can bet.

Infielders like Belhorne, Crespo, Dubach and Millar.

Muellar and Reese, they all are stars.


Outfielders like Kapler, McCarty, Ramirez and Damon.

They’ll send those Yanks home with that curse with them!

And David Ortiz as the designated hitter.

This is the team and not one of them quitters.


Let’s not forget two that are missing.

Garciaparra and Trot Nixon.

When they get back they will join in the search

For this is the year we will put down the curse.


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