Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 10, 2018

Eirene~by Pasithea Chan




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Once upon regret’s bloody skies
a blue maiden heard heaven’s cries.
The moon had fallen from the skies
dragging along neighboring stars.

She put down seasons’ rhyton
and caught the moon in her palms.
Appeased from its fear, the moon
placed thoughts’ tiara on her head.

Little did he know diamonds
don’t matter to those wearing love’s
blue silks and hopes’ ruffled robes.
She was rich wearing time’s rings.

Mesmerized with her beauty,
the moon pouted its lips
and tried to reach her pearly eyelids.
But all he touched was allure’s corsage.

See the moon had no arms
And love’s blue silks glow
with lights that blind even moons.
She was Eirene peace’s Horae.

Author’s Notes:
Eirene or Pax for the roman deities was Greece’s goddess of peace. This is my version of Eirene’s tale.


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