Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 10, 2018

Her heart is fragile ~by Nalini Starr



Her heart is fragile

Her heart is fragile
Like a China plate
So with it be careful
Don’t let it break

Her love is unconditional
So believe it is true
She is very special
She wants no one but you

Like a queen you should treat her
And you’ll be her king
Don’t ever hurt her
But give her lots of loving

You’re the one she did choose
She wanted to be your wife
Her love you don’t want to lose
You’re the love of her life

Make love to her
Like no one else can
Give her the pleasures
That will blow her mind

Place your hands gently
Of maybe even rough
Seduce her expertly
Until she can’t get enough

Take her over the edge
Make her beg for more
Give her the loving
Like she never had before

Just don’t keep her hanging
Satisfy her completely
Until she is screaming
Bring her to the heights of ecstasy.


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