Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 11, 2018

Peace ~by Michael Odiah



Peace by Mikejnr300

Peace by Mikejnr300

In the absence of war
More beautiful than the golden yellow sun
Just like flowers budding
Like the tiny line between light and darkness

Oh ! Like the sweet cold air of Christmas
Oh! Like the melodious songs of Christmas
Oh! Like the taste of grandma’s cooking
Oh! Like love at first sight.

What sorcery is this?
What madness is this?
What manner of love is this?
What do I call this?

Even in thy dying moments
Every mortal fears to loose it
For even the deceased rest in it
While the living walk through it unknowingly.

Just like a baby’s first smile
Just like joyful tears
Just like a baby’s first walk
Tis ever beautiful

Just like thy eternal lines
Tis ever eternal
Tis the point between pain and gain
Tis the breath of fresh air

Just like shining bubbles in the air
Tis neither a boy or girl
Tis found in every corner
But yet rare

Tis ever trampled upon by fear
Tis traded for ego and power
Tis traded for interests and hate
Tis traded for status quo breeding on injustice

Nature says it’s possible
Human live like it’s implausible
Nature is alive
Humans are survivals

Until we learn to live as one
We will be but lucky survivals
Living in a serene environment
Lost in the gap between fear, anxiety, pain and gain.
By Michael C. Odiah © 09/29/2018
All rights reserved.

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