Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 12, 2018

No matter the time~by Sorina Ivan



No matter the time

Image may contain: night

When the sun rises its majesty
Another day start
Thousands of thoughts 
Remember only you.
When the Moon takes her throne
In the univers of night
And the stars bright the lovers sky
I remember you.
The rivers, the mountains, the plains, the flowers
All things arround me
Remember only you.
The wind still whisper in my ears your voice
The walls wrote your’s words.
Every step of us has it’s history.
The history of every moment of love.
Our wonderful love.

Even the life, sometime,
Steal our happiness,
The heart will never lost
The treasure of her love..
Maybe, you said the same words
To another woman.

No matter the time that will pass,
No matter how many stars will rise down,
People, for ever,
Will dream the same dream
Of the unique true love.

Author: Sorina Ivan


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