Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 12, 2018

THE DREAMS OF GOD FOR US~by Rini Valentina




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We are free to enjoy the rice and the bread
Whenever and everytime we are hungry, we eat without thinking anybody else
No matter the other side of the earth from the another country
They regard rice and bread as a pile of pure gold
And hunger cries like melodious tunes
Cries of cold like a symphony in spring
But unfortunately my friends
Do your hear the painfull and the sadness of them ?
Does your soul understand if those children need your help ?
And do you know …
If God misses your fingers !
God longs to see you extend love for them !

Their crying were be the God’ sadness who was helpless and very hurted
Right … if you ever saying
God Almighty
Right … if you admitting
God is king in heaven and on earth
Right …..
Everything is correct ….
God only has dreams that we share the love
God only fantasies we give the love to His weak and helpless creation!
And will you grant what God asks ????
Please …
Do not always force Him to grant all our prayers every time …
Never dictate to Him !!!
God just wants us to share in love for their children in the world there unconditionally……

Borneo lndonesio, 12 October 2018 (05.40 am)
Rini Valentina

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting


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