Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 17, 2018

After Seeing You but Once~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



V ~> After Seeing You but Once

            (V)                    1
If sweet suspicion but sustain
The chance which all suspicions breed
Suspecting truth, would truth remain
That unsuspected dormant seed
Whence bloom those dreams we seldom dare
For fear that but frustration prove
The daring fruit that dreamers fear
When dreams appear to be of love
And love bedeemed ill immature
By mature silence venture speak
May unbespoken long endure
Injured to heartbreak give and take:
Silence is for the faint at heart
As daring speech is Virtue’s art!

(VI)                2
Let askance dwell ere you with contempt fling
Into some rage that may perdition bode
Of our acquaintance in its early spring
Which rapture pregnant, threatens to explode
Of passions akin to a summer storm;
Try self composure but in vain contain
The havoc which, you, unbeknownst, perform
Beyond what prose may venture to explain
To this, my poor and unsuspecting soul.
Thou, tide legend of Shakespearean fame
Which in affairs of men, the flood control,
Oh how! and why you set my soul aflame?
Sweet Angel born of living poetry,
Grant me the right to sing thee night and day!


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