Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 17, 2018





Let’s admit it everyone
Sometimes we wish we could be forever young
Of getting old we have this fear
We look in the mirror not liking what we see there
We think getting old is so unfair
When wrinkles,and spots and sagging appear
The ageing process we refuse to embrace
When we stare at our changing faces
And how we wish it wasn’t so
But we have to admit older we have to grow
We try to stop the process for as long as we can
So many gadgets and creams fill our nightstands
We are suckers for every new invention we see
And on lotions and potions we spend money foolishly
We know eating the right foods might do the trick
But we are impatient and want a quick fix
Cosmetic surgery is such a rage now
Some of us get botox to fix our brow
We try to look like the celebrities that we see out there
Knowing damn well they do surgery from year to year
We are not quite satisfied by what we see
So off we go to spend hard earned money on plastic surgery
The surgeons are raking in money like autumn leaves
Assuring us we’ll look younger longer and we believe
We should admit we must grow older and face reality
And embrace our age and grow old gracefully.

@ Nalini Starr .


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