Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 17, 2018

THAT KISS~by Nalini Starr




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You dared not kiss my lips
because you knew I wouldn’t
be able to resist
because if our lips should meet
one last time
i would be swept of my feet
and you know you are not mine
I want you to be mine forever
but you belong to another
and I am not free too
but i cherish the moments
we shared together
and I wish i could always be with you
our stolen moments together
were special to me
but we both are not free
and we don’t want to
break up our family
I wish we did not have
to part this way
you pull me close to you
and I wish i could stay here all day
I do not want you to let me go
to be in your arms forever
is where I want to be
for you to keep loving me
but we both know
it cannot be so
and soon you’ll have to go
so put your arms around me
one more time
and give me that forehead kiss
because you know your lips
I cannot resist
and oh how I will miss
that wondrous bliss.


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