Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 19, 2018

Lost Kingdom~by Chidanandamurthy Gs Anand



Lost Kingdom

His heart was plundered ,
The sturdy castle built around it
Was broken into pieces ,
The throne was snatched away,
She built her own palace
Where once was his heart
And enthroned.

Now she is the Queen
Of his kingdom ,
But he is chained
And imprisoned in a
Cell of her heart.
He is oblivious of
His lost kingdom.

Being captive he begs now
For every sip of her kiss
And every morsel of her hug ,

Please , do not think he is
Totally unhappy ,
Of course ,he has found his bliss
In sips and morsels .

By ChidanChidanandamurthy Gs Anand.
Copyrights @ reserved


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