Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 19, 2018

THE WAITING ~by Suzette Portes San Jose

0ld poem and painting April 15, 2015
with edited poem from 4 – 5 lines
in an acrylic painting by suzette portes san jose
THE WAITING by suzette portes san jose
Gogyoshi 5/5

Image may contain: flower and outdoor

from time unknown stood still and waiting
cast the shadows of the past in hearts longing
for the glorious joy of life… comes hoping
one day soon at the rainbow’s end be reaching
a love divine that captured a soul-searching

let go once more from the world bewildered
seeking the immortality of true virtue rendered
from the visions unseen behind reality gathered
a soul with an empty look on their eyes stared
into nothingness… into darkness lost and scared

just being there waiting for a snap of kindled glow
to lighten up the very sight of a certainty blow
of mystic dreams with faith in each day to flow
into every moment of time, a touch of hope to grow
from within the core of the heart a seed to sow

laid on the footsteps of the pathway unforsaken
beholds the color of the rainbow’s end untrodden
into the stillness of time whirling and stayed woven
waiting for a chance reborn into the worlds earthen
counted among the hues of life’s passion forgotten

like the rain from the summer sun, remains a miracle
maybe a hasten journey on the rocky road to tackle
be it the flight over the mountain range to battle
fathoming mortality gambled and struggled
in victory waiting till weakening knees buckled


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