Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2018

If only it was you~by rldubour



If only it was you

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I toss and turn the whole night through

I clutch my pillow close to me, if only it was you.

I sit up and light a cigarette, the thought won’t go away.

I know you’re gone to someone new, all the memories have stayed.


I pace the floor heat the coffee sit and think some more.

What have I done? To turn you away and walk right out the door.

I was always faithful and kind in every way

I tried to give you all my love and best of everyday


Help me correct all this, will someone show me how?

Show me how to coupe with this, I need the help right now.

The telephone is ringing, could this be true.

I answer with disappointment, if only it was you.


With pen I mark the calendar another day I spent alone.

I can not help but wonder why this house is not a home.

I think and hold your picture how it used to be

With you the kids and me.


A knock comes from the door the clock says almost two

I run to open it, if only it was you.

It’s a stranger with a letter saying I must go to court.

Tears come to my eyes, why must this end in divorce.


All my thoughts are racing back through the happy years.

The reality of being alone was always my biggest fear.

I have to keep myself together, God will help me through.

I still can see you standing there, if only it was you.


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