Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2018

PENCIL vs RUBBER~by Balachandran Nair




Equation as simple as it is…
Pencil vs Rubber, Law vs Logic
Faithful vs unfaithful, nymph vs numb
Right vs respect, rights vs ravels
Priority vs probability, might vs mouse
Insight vs indolence, deify vs waggle
Static vs steam, proved vs pronounced
Irumudikettu* vs sanitary napkin
Inhibition vs influx, moral vs morale
Mass vs shade, body vs soul….
Yes, Souls of our predecessors
Who witness it all happen
In the name of God Ayyappa
For and against HIS
Praise and as protest!
While Almighty You, who
Prevail in all quotes, unquotes,
Court of Law as well as Lords,
As all five senses of mankind.
Then how, why absent Yourself
From common sense of….
All these street smarts
Blonging to Your own…that is
God’s Own Country we love.

*Irumudikettu = Twin bundle of sacred offerings e.g. ghee, camphor,
sandal, holy ash, rice carried by-head
by devotees of Lord Ayyappa while
on pilgrimage to Sanctum Sanctorum of Sabarimala.



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