Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 20, 2018





You want us to get together
Even though we are not free
You want to be my lover 
And give pleasure to me
You have this lustful desire
A craving for me
And it is growing stronger
So we should meet secretly
So many fantasies
You hope will come true
They will become reality
If I get together with you
You want to show me
What you can do
But there’s something
You should know
Which is true
I have fantasies and desires too
So why don’t we
Have a secret rendezvous
When we meet
We will have to be discreet
I want to make
Your desires come true
I am so curious to see
what you can do
Those bottled up desires
Are driving you crazy
And you want to unleash them on me
You know all the tricks
To bring me to ecstasy
Your offer is tempting
So hard to resist
Would it be cheating
If we both insist?
I cannot deny
I want this too
So let’s get together soon
And have our secret rendezvous
And make our fantasies come true
There won’t be any regrets
I assure you.
This might be a one night stand
We will see
But secret lovers
We’ll have to be.


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