Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 23, 2018

Daily missive for Tuesday the 23rd of October.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 23rd of October.

Does it need to have meaning
What does it matter
Who benefits
When there is no such thing
As nothing
Nor even something
More or less, as may lie
Under the sun
Anymore than
This or that, maybe
It would help
To follow the trail
Of a snail
Knowing it will suffer
From overexposure
Unless it finds shelter
A little shade with moisture
A little greenery
Perhaps there is meaning
In the playful
Exploits of a puppy
Rolling with a ball
Pawing, gnawing
Until it is pushed too far
Beneath the sofa
The look on her face
Brow wrinkled
Beyond her years
What do you expect
From words derived from
The pages of a past life
Barely remembered
Is that really a question
Worthy of consideration
When every breath
We take
Has been borrowed
From out of the blue
A little pinch here
A wee peck there
Must it mean something
As the sun travels according
To a universal law
Whilst worlds
Revolve around it
In synchronous concordance
There is a certain lack
Of romance in truth
Unless heartfelt,
Perhaps that is meaning enough
To be getting on with.


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