Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 23, 2018

Echo~by Eliot Ravenwood




The air thick, by the dying fire

Somehow, smelled of moments lost
Memories ablaze in a new desire
To keep the echo that mattered most
The lake beneath held secrets old
Of life, and death, and the darkness deep
A monstrous beauty bound in the cold
Of a frozen night, in the midnight’s keep
A flame alive in the dead of night
That I never had the courage to seek
Corrupted by fear, blinded by the light
My heart knew a secret, my tongue could never speak
The forest asleep, in a fading thought
My eyes amber in the burning light
Chronicling the silent battle I fought
Caught up in the black and white
But I had secrets, I had to keep
Fears I knew, I never could face
The nightmares embedded in my sleep
That tonight, I shall embrace…

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