Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 28, 2018

RAIN~by Munyal Markus Manunyi




Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Seated on my bamboo bed
Embracing the warmth emanating
From the fire in the hearth,
My children playing ‘tinini tanana’
As the rain pelted down
The thatched roof of my round hut
The cloud being so angry
Awhile ago had threatened
To shed tears in buckets
While the angry wind lashed
At my poverty-stricken mud house
Like a father lashing a stubborn child
The raffia mat serving as my window blind
whistled in rhythm to the beating wind
The cracks on the wall threatening
To give room to the ground
With the only comfort keeping me warm
Coming from outside, as the children
Sang sweet songs of joy
Enjoying the euphoria that accompanied
Bathing in showers of rain
Oblivious of surrounding danger
The sound of their merry feet
Splashing mud water splash, splash
Causing mud to splash up their naked bodies
Jumping higher into the air, aiming
To receive more showers of blessings.

©Munyal Markus Manunyi
Photo credit: Google


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