Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2018

Master Specter~by Pasithea Chan



Master Specter

Image may contain: one or more people, cloud and sky

Skies frown upon a fleeting summer

draping clouds of rain and thunder.

Leaving pleats on veils to shimmer

dreams of hollows waiting to stir

fear masked by children’s laughter

Master is here, gather clothes for her:

A gown of shadows in black and silver

from crows that chitter with fervor

trapped beneath a corset of anger.

Thorns are her tiara, mist her slipper.

Shoulders draped with just her hair

enchant clouds to part with glamor

to a touch from her ether finger.

With every step she draws splendor

like bleach washing out color.

Her fingers pierce the veil like a spur

unleashing darkness through a door

trapping time like a dying star.

Clouds form legions to her whisper

thunders roar her anger with clamor

Crows and brooms holler:

Halloween’s here, she’s no specter

Make way, bow to her scepter

Lest you cross her you will falter

like your beloved late summer!

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