Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2018

One Step Beyond~by Zelda Ann Broussard



One Step Beyond****

©®Devotedlyz. 2018

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One step beyond
Is what I dare to see!
Is it for me to learn my destiny?
Is Irene beyond these gates for me? Only a step will tell!

One step beyond
I want to see what is in store for me. I want to learn the beauty of mystery. I want to feel the way my life could be. No one will know but me! It shall be a lesson of maturity, if nothing else.

One step beyond….
You must take chances!
You cannot stand still in life, you see! One step beyond in any case,
makes life a complete mystery!

I do enjoy the mystery of life!
Yes! It most times comes with a bit of strife! However! That’s life!
Strife makes or breaks you!
Do you not agree?

One step beyond guides you to your eternity. It is a gamble! That I must say! But? Is there any other way?

Reaching of with blindfold an take that step!

One step beyond….

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