Posted by: Ron DuBour | October 31, 2018





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There is a legend to be had
down dark and deeply hollow
that will make you cringe and twitch a tad
while trying to breathe and swallow
for each and every devils night
these hooves to purge the street
with costume balls and creepy crawls
in fog as thick as heat
door by door each bell that tolls
a candy for a trick
a pumpkin glare a sign beware
a windy candle flick
the eyes of dark evade the night
lurk shadows down below
while alley cats and vampire bats
just critter to and fro
it’s witching hour in ginger moon
as howls to pierce the red
a settle for a chance to roar
to rise the evil dead
the wicked trees out in the wind
with arms to grip and hold
to simple joys of girls and boys
dressed up to face the cold
in every nook you see a spook
you can’t believe your eyes
to tease and taunt a house to haunt
as ghosts materialize
with mummy hands on tied and wrapped
this dark house on the block
no lighted torch to fill the porch
to stop a racing clock
an apple placed in pillow case
from fear old Mister green
a sign to dawn get off my lawn
he’s ancient old and mean
they flock in groves to neighborhoods
and wander like the dead
each gravely soul that comes and goes
while reaping in their spread
as darkness bleeds these killing seeds
it’s exactly how you dreamed
a hellish night to wake in fright
in this town called Halloween…

by martin gedge©

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