Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 2, 2018

PEACE~by Saroj K Padhi




Image may contain: cloud, bird and sky

Peace is the drop of sweat
that drops from the fingers of night
as dew to the face of dawn
with a desire to fetch a blush to the day
when a tired yesterday recedes to rest
in the womb of time as a memory;
it’s the ceaseless shower
of pearls of bliss
dripping from the face of flowers
contented at the offer of nectar to the honey bee;
the slow whisper of wind
trailing feathers of birds;
the smile that curls in a remote corner
on the face of the hungry
when the stomach after a long gap
is filled to the brim;
it’s not a mere absence of war
but banishment of the barrels out of thoughts
and living in harmony with Nature
that nurtures in man the divine;
it’s the sweetness of orgasm at the end
of a union that joins you with the hereafter;
a concoction of love and care that assuages affliction,
the cool shade under mother’s eyebrow,
the lapping of ripples at the river bank,
the silence in the heart of the sea,
the end of confusion
and an enlightenment
that brings a permanent satisfaction !

C .R : @ Saroj K. Padhi

P.C. Google

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