Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 2, 2018

Together~by George Navarrete




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We have walked
Never apart by day or night
My constant companion
And teacher of experience.
Some say you are my enemy
But nay
My constant friend,
You have shown me
Fear, shame and guilt
Joy and laughter
And death so many times.
You have bound me to you
To your dramas, your desires
But I can now see
That your greatest desire
Is for me to learn something
So very simple
So simple that it is easily overlooked
That there is truly no other
Than I
And when this is learned
There becomes no other than I
For truly
All the wrong I seemed to do
I only did to my own self.
I have not learned all there is
To learn I know
For we are still together
So for a little longer
Shall we, you and I
Walk this path
As we have always walked
Shad Crow.
Many times we hear that we are not the ego and this is true I know for sure.
But then there is the question
“Is this ego my enemy?”
“After all, isn’t it the ego that has got me into all this trouble”
Yes, I have experienced all kinds of pain and pleasure thanks to the ego because the ego is my teacher, a constant companion that has shown me so many things.
I have come to realise this now.
When the right time comes according to the vibration of the spirit, the “I” of source (Spirit or Life) starts to part with the ego as its leader and becomes like a child that is starting to walk on its own.
I was discussing this with my friend and spiritual brother Neil Bennett and he explained it to me like this.
“The ego is our teacher until it loses its dominance over us”
Thanks Neil brother that explains the ego perfectly.
Shad Crow



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