Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 2, 2018

TONIGHT~by Rini Valentina




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Tonight when the moon and the stars come to visit the earth
I let my dreams flying higher
I let my soul dreams
Meet you who has been my lover in my heart

I let go away of my desire to hug you tighly
I let go away of my longing which became a piece of pain when the dusk greeted
I let my lips kisses and crushes your lips with my tongue in my imagination
So that you know better that my longing isn’t the plan of the director

And when my feeling tired because of the love is blocked the time and distance getting greets
I let the feeling hurt because the stab longed for thousands of daggers
Incised torture that will not heal perfectly
Let the feeling of despair gnaw at the heart

I’m aware tonight
All the dreams and the imagination would never happen
All are lonely and homesick
It is only the ruins of the heart that will not be perfectly arranged like before

I want to give up
Waving a sign I was resigned
I will never catch up with the dreams about you
No longer do I let my heart long you like in the past ……

Borneo Indonesia, November 01, 2018 (21.22)
Rini Valentina


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