Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 3, 2018

” I FEEL MY AIRHEART”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” I FEEL MY AIRHEART” by martin gedge

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Ever since that moment when you walked right out on me
I’ve tried to find my place in life that had normalcy
but now your gone it’s been so long I find it hard to see
if I could ever love again or share my company
I feel just like my heart had crashed and broken to the core
I tried to send but often spend just walking by your door
If I could just loosen up and wish for something more
then maybe I would finally know just what I’m looking for
They say that if you set it free that things may turn around
but over time and down the line I just keep breaking down
I know that I might seem unsure just by the tone and sound
but I can’t find my heart a home until I’m lost and found
I want a love with no hang ups who just enjoys the times
whose warm and true and open to don’t read between the lines
that takes you on for what you are and has no warning signs
and on the page through every stage a partner without crimes
that beauty eye that bluest sky that smiles my every day
who always goes the highs and lows by knowing what to say
whose not afraid to show your tears and let the passions play
whose deep inside would never hide the reasons why you stay
If only I could see the light of things still yet to come
I wouldn’t get so tied in knots to leave my shoes undone
I know your somewhere in this world just looking to have fun
so won’t you be a part of me and bring the morning sun…

by martin gedge©

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