Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 3, 2018





I fell in love
When for the first time I met him
He smiled so sweetly
As sweet as the sound of the gamelan that accompanied the dance in the palace hall
And I guessed
He must know the contents of my soul
The suddenly stunned
And I realized
His hospitality and smile began to touch my heart
Evocatived my loneliness that was familiar to be my friend all this time.

I fell in love
When the sound of the gamelan invited me to appear carrying the Bedaya dance
With nine beautiful women chosen by the sultan in the palace
I became one of them
And I know
A pair of the blue eyes
Blinking at me
And I realized with one question in my heart
Could there be love at the first sight
Could it be that those beautiful blue eyes felt in love with me too …

With graceful movements following the Javanese rhythms and songs
I glanced at him quietly who was sitting there
Still looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes charming soul
And I knew
My heart beat was like a song
If it was so quiet
Maybe it would be heard like a jasmine flower fell down on the ground
Because the bad winds didn’t want to be silent
Tempted the jasmine on the left side of this palace
Flicked it endlessly.

I fell in love
And I knew
We were different in culture and language
He had beautiful blue eyes who was from Canada
He was just a guest
Who met me
Who wanted to see and knew the culture in my city
Wanted to know the diversity of the taste of my country’s unique cuisine
And now … He wanted to know me well
By the wind of the night he left a message for me

When the night got more and more lonely
I tried to close my eyes
I wanted to throw away his shadow from my heart
Not long because it would be early morning
It was not long before noon arrived and he promised to meet again
Could there be a word of love and longing given to me
And it would erase my loneliness
And why it must be very fast
But I realized and I wasn’t good at lying to myself
I’ve fallen in love with a man who said he likes the Bedaya dance!

Borneo Indonesia 10 Oktober 2018
Rini Valentina

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