Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 4, 2018





Let the literature write.
Liberate it to put, it’s own insight.
Compel it not to write, evening as twilight.
Let it see stars, not twinkling yet a celestial bright.
Let the literature write.
May one wise, pen something a new device.
Grammatics and basics were put at price.
Fill of heal, is there in the better compose.
Yet, fear of that pill, is always there, GRAMMAR NAZI will poke there nose.
Let the literature write.
It’s surely not a property, at handful few mercy.
Let the debate drop, work being average and classy.
Critics outrage should muster that courage.
Literature is not work to fetch a wage, not either work of a sage, mere a scratch on papper and page.
Let the literature write.
May the best of creative mind, be rule wise blind.
This ignorance could contribute to new fragrance find, as at the end of the day, it’s all about bent of mind.
It’s not written anywhere, whether those with literary legacy and link, can only ink.
Those who could sink, without blink, day and night sacrifice of wink (sleep), can also ink.
So, let the literature write.

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