Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 4, 2018

Trespassed Compassion*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



(LXXXIX) ~> Trespassed Compassion*

[The Gelding of America (09)]**
Much publicized promise of amnesty
Had sown abundant seeds of lawlessness
Making bad joke of U.S. sovereignty
Doubted by friends, embraced by enemies
Not much more room left to further regress:
Chaos and confusion, par for the course
Tyranny thrives on, fast making it worse.
I’d traveled far and wide at age thirteen
By no means not to flaunt the laws’ trespass
Nor abused such deference to children
Tradition furnished for civil compass
Ease hopscotch skip from one to next morass:
Sans being asked, children are given birth
They locust like, inherit free the earth!!!
Lacking mores to chart the passage clear
A child sails through rocky shoals rudderless
Mindless of whither, move from anywhere
Escape the sordid schemes of strain and stress
Change rules, else force exchange, roles relentless:
False willing victims trespass sufferance
Nor mild vengeance mints virtues’ temperance!!!
At Southern border huge throng are flocking
Too massive to pass for spontaneous
Much well organized, serves no mistaking,
By parties with nefarious purpose
Obvious as produce total chaos
Unruly crowd evinced out of control
Project conditions ripe for martial rule.
Quick to invoke national compassion
Pols welcome the hubbub with accolade
Hypocrisy drowned with good intention
Treason acclaims most wretched escapade
These children praised in endless cavalcade:
Build ramparts for benighted underclass
Worst nightmares of our forebears’ fears surpass!

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