Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 4, 2018

VOID~by Saroj K Padhi




Looking into the void within
when I think what I could have been-
stars dimmed by the tides of time
rise to wink from the brink of memory
in dark, naked as babes and stare pitifully at me
telling me how I could have perhaps been
a simple noiseless wave
in the shore of your heart that laps a pink sky
in the dawn of excited morns
under a soft sun’s eye
without any desire to touch the earth beneath
into we mortals sink, finally as corals to lie;
I could have been that ripple in the pool
of your mind that catches fire
from moon beams in heat of dreams-
then in some corner as simple water to lie;
I could have been that silent koel
singing from the core of your bosoms
about shower of roses on a snow-capped mountain
in whose caves immortal spirits pray
without desire for pricks from thorns to die.

COPY RIGHT: @ Saroj.K. Padhi

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