Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 5, 2018

ABSTRACT SOUL~by Aendgzel Roze




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Some may think I am plain as blank canvas
As everybody sees only my fragile facade
But I am truly more of what it seems
I’m like an abstract painting
At first glance, you’ll never guess
What I am, who I am from a distance
But take a closer and deeper look
Let your eyes satiate longer
Between those brush strokes, textures and shades of hues
Then you’ll have a glimpse of my true value
In front of you is not just an existence but a breathing canvas
Not to be recognized as best painting ever
Like that priceless, mysterious smiling Monalisa
But simply feel me through my resonating unfettered emotions
And visualize me from the core of your heart
Yes, unnoticed I am from this tumultuous world
But I am an abstract soul
You can never perceive the real inside of me
So let me be that simple glowing me
Undisturbed in solace on that corner wall
Hanging on with adhering effortless grace.
©Purple Roze

image painting by: Aendgzel Roze

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