Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 5, 2018

Vacation~by rldubour




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You worked all year most every day,

Now it is time to get away.

Most are planned well in advance,

Some just go and take their chance.

The hard part is what to decide?

This place you dream to run and hide.

A cruise to some exotic place,

To relax, enjoy as you set your pace.

Or maybe to the mountain tops as far as you can see.

Such a beautiful peaceful place filled with serenity.

Or there is the ocean shore with soft white sandy beach.

Anywhere you dream of going they are not so out of reach.

No matter what your plans are you should try and get away.

Whether it is for weeks or just a single day.

And when things get hectic as you seem to drift apart.

Take a break time for a change and reconnect those hearts.

Sometimes when you’re busy and time just rushes by.

You tend to forget the important things as you put them all aside.

Stop and smell the roses this is what they say.

Take your partner by the hand don’t let it get away.

Rejuvenate that fire you deserve a special day.

Let your dreams of flight explore the reality today.

No matter what you like doing best, from mountaintop to sea.

Everyone needs a vacation that’s how it should be.

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