Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2018

AUTUMN~by Nalini Starr




Autumn you are finally here
Bringing your cold air
We expect you every year 
And we know you will soon disappear
Some days you are so cold and dismal
But you are the season of Fall
Sometimes you bring so much rain too
And some of us feel so blue
Your wind can be so strong
Howling gusts all day long
But you are a beautiful sight to see
Colourful leaves on the trees
A lovely sight all around
All colors of leaves falling to the ground
Gathering in a high mound
Your chilly breezes will blow
And when you go
Winter will take your place
Bringing lots of snow
All over the place
Soon the birds will no longer sing
Until they return next Spring
They have all flown away
Then their sweet songs will be heard everyday

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