Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2018

BLOCKED….FINALLY~by Nalini Starr




They met online
And their friendship grew
He fell in love with her
And she fell in love with him too

Their love blossomed into a sweet romance
They thought would last forever
But they never got the chance
They couldn’t be together

She wanted so much more from him
But he couldn’t give it to her
Their love had to be an online fling
Loving each other from afar

He said his love was only emotional
Coming straight from his heart
It could never be physical
Because they lived world’s apart

She fell in love with him so deeply
It pained her very much
Knowing together they cannot be
And they could never touch

She wanted no other but him
He was her one and only
And her heart was breaking within
Without him she felt so lonely

And his heart was breaking too
Love caused him so much pain
But what could they both do
Their love was in vain

He couldn’t bear the pain anymore
So he decided to stay away
He stopped chatting like before
He drifted further everyday

His actions hurt her very much
She longed to hear from him
She didn’t want him to stay out of touch
Oh how her heart was in pain

But he chatted with others online
She saw his green dot everyday
But for her had no time
He had nothing much to say

But he was just keeping his distance
Hoping she would forget him
And end their romance
And hoped her love would start dying

But her love for him couldn’t die
It grew more and more each day
She just refused to say goodbye
Although he wanted to stay away

He knew their love could never be
It was doomed from the start
He begged her to block him finally
So they could forever be apart

She couldn’t do that,oh no
Her heart was too soft and kind
She didn’t want to hurt him so
And leave him behind

She wanted him to block her too
But he could never do so
He pleaded with her over and over
To let him be the first to go

So she finally gave in
After he was begging so much
She decided to block him
And no longer be in touch

She finally did what he wanted
But it was against her will
His wish was granted
Even though she loved him still

This act broke her heart to bits
She still misses him so much
Online he no longer exists
Now they are both out of touch

They both have this friend
To whom they chat sometimes
And he asks her about his lost love
The one who is no longer online

Everyday he would question her
Wanting to know what’s going on
Their friend wonders why he still bothers
His online lover is long gone

His lost love doesn’t want him to know
What’s going on with her
And he should just let it go
And their friend he should not bother

So he should stop enquiring
And this love he should get over
Their friend will no longer be answering
She refuses to be his messenger

He begged to be blocked
And she finally did so
So why is he still wondering
Why won’t he let it go

He says his love is still strong
And he cannot let her go
Although she’s long gone
He still loves her so

He should give it a rest
It’s for the best
He’s begging to be loved so much
But she is staying out of touch.

N. Starr

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