Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2018

Flying Higher~by Rini Valentina



Flying Higher

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I want to fly higher like a dove
Passing the ocean and five continents in the world
Lift to the blue sky
Forget you
From my heart …..
Throw you out of my head …
I don’t want to always get hurt
And languishing …

I want to fly
So I forget how to go home
And get lost deep into the blue sky
So I don’t remember your name
The one who once filled and filled my heart
I want to forget you
I want to be lost from your love and longing
Because I don’t want to be a distruber

I fly
Across the horizon
With the wings from my eyes that never stopped flapping
With my skin that always says
Forget her
Release into the air
Don’t let her shadow becomes the blood in the eyes
Because it will damage the aroma of love.

Borneo Indonesia, November 7, 2018 (00:16 medianoches)
Rini Valentina


  1. Beautiful ❤

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