Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2018

“Six Secrets: In the Key of Dali”~by Michael Graves



“Six Secrets: In the Key of Dali”

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I dropped the Key.

And saw it fall, and vanish
into sunshine shimmering
on the celestial hardwood floor
in bright drops of glowing steel
burning holes into the fabric of dreams
dripping through ash-edged holes
as cold rain; sealing the ground
of the universe underneath the glowing sky
turning the firmament below the floating castles
into mud.


The busy sun —
always looking
for yellow gold to line his coffers —
who sees all (except the night)
blinks in the envious realization
that the only winner is
the empty void, which
requires nothing from which to create
whatever it wishes
and spin it into crystalline reality
formed from the clearest of truths;
unbreakable in their simplicity.


The Infinite, azure sky weeps with happiness
(for lack of a better excuse )
secure (for now) in the knowledge

that space, alone
separates giants from their dreams, and
prompts the transit of universes.


The Priestess and The Crown Prince of Espresso
(lowly occupants of time
and the noisy corridors of gravity)
are madly orchestrating a charge against
the legions of limp biscotti who weep
with shame over their lost integrity; spent
on a momentary dunk in the cup
of inconsequential depravity.


I was busy reading palms, for small change
searching my crystal map to find a
way out of this elevator, into an
alternate place of pastoral bliss
and scented magnolia trees
when I stumbled — alerting the darkness
to the new light breaking into scintillating
shards against the morning sky
and waking the watchdogs of angels
listening like razors waiting to
reveal secrets without bothering
to understand them. (Who knew?)


The true secret is: That
there are no secrets.
Beyond our choice.

–Graves 2/6/15

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