Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 8, 2018

Tattered Love Life~by Zelda Ann Broussard



Tattered Love Life•••••••

©®devotedlyz. 2018

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My love life is stored
In this old tattered book.
It tells the stories of my out
love poured out.
The days when I prayed for an reaction from you.
Got none! Wasn’t I the fool!

Tattered love life.
I allowed you to play
my heart like a fiddle.
There was no middle,
all on one side.

Tattered love life..
Seemed to have been a dream!
No smoke! Just plain ole’ steam.
What a joke I was to you.
You never loved me!
Like you lied you did.
You played me for a fool!

Tattered love life
Documented from
first heart beat.
Drawn pictures of
our future together.
Dreams of you an I.
Boy was I surprised!

Tattered love life.
Torn into by my naivety.
You played my heart fiddle
like a fiddle in a concert.
Where was my brain?
Not attached to my heart!
My brain ran away with spoon
the spoon!
The logic of you not loving
me, hit me like a Typhoon!
Ripped my heart right out chest
of my chest!
Oh! What a mess I am in.
Pining away like love sicklove
school girl.

Tattered love life….
Thoughts of never again
feeling this way again.
Hoping for better days!
But when?

Tattered love live….
I am sure there is a real me
one out there for me.
Love that is true to the core!
One I might not suffer for.

Love is beautiful!
When it is right.
When it is with the right one!
When the love is true!
An you’re not being fool
played like a fool.

Tattered love life….
Guess I’ll tuck this ole’
tattered book away.
Love will soon come my way!
A better love for me anyway.
Not with a joker who wants to play.

Tattered love life…
That is what that was!
Moving on to better things.
It is a must, that I know!
Watch me! As I place this
tattered book down.

My love words written,
were not worth the paper
It was journaled on.

Tattered love life.
Has made me strong.
Stronger than ever before!
Watch me! Set this tattered down
history of love down.

Tattered love life….

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