Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2018

Haircut Mourning*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CCCXIV ~> Haircut Mourning*

CCCXIV ~> Haircut Mourning*
(Opus314 ~> Blaming the Barber)
Got third Florida hair cut the same day
You finished poem three-hundred-thirteen;
Were you the superstitious kind, you’d say
It’s crystal clear that it bodes bad omen,
That since then, not one line had you written:
You’re thankful that you’re not superstitious,
Still you cannot help being suspicious!
Nothing to do with Samson’s legend strength,
Somehow you suspect, long hair tweaks the brain.
Beethoven’s hair was pompous for its length;
Though not with hair was known to entertain,
His looks harnessed his genius, in the main:
When your long hair was all you got to lose,
Cropping it off, was plain ridiculous!
How long the muse can dry, her fountain keeps,
Just to deprive you of your writing fun?
It’s to her credit that she never sleeps,
And your great loss that short hair, she does shun;
Ergo, your woes have barely just begun:
It takes long time to grow your hair again;
You better, in short order grow some brain!
*Hook image (GiftFromZiba71.jpg), sequestered from p.171 of my first book, captioned “Showing my appreciation of the birthday (1971) gift I got from Farid & Ziba, a portrait of me that appeared to be more alive than my actual self,” is a snapshot of the occasion taken by Ziba, herself who painted the oil portrait.

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