Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2018

HURTING~by Nalini Starr




He fell in love with her
And said his love was true
She believed what he said
And she fell in love too
She gave him her heart
And they promised to love each other
But they lived world’s apart
And they could never be together
Although their love was growing stronger
Seeing her online
Pained him so much
She was always on his mind
And it hurts knowing they cannot touch
He thought if he didn’t see her
His heart won’t pain within
So he begged her
To block him
She didn’t want to do it
It pained her to do so
But she still decided to let him go
She was hurting the same way
Seeing him online everyday
With pain in her heart
And tears in her eyes
She decided to depart
And cut all ties
Clicking on that key
Was the hardest thing to do
She cried endlessly
But she saw it through
And his heart was hurting too
Blocking him never crossed her mind at all
So deeply in love she did fall
She wonders how long
She can stay away
She misses him so much
He’s on her mind everyday
His memories still make her cry
It pained her to say goodbye
She thinks she will unblock him
She cannot stay apart
There is too much hurting
Bleeding her heart
She is so confused
Her heart is ruling her mind
But she knows she needs some time
He’s waiting and hoping
To see her again online
He has to be patient
For her to make up her mind
Should she unblock him
And let her heart win
Should she start all over again
Knowing their love is in vain
Filled with heartache and pain
She is in a dilemma no doubt
But her love is reaching out
They are both hurting so much
Staying out of touch.

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