Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 9, 2018





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Do you know if I miss you?
Do you know if in my all quiet night I always standing here for your arrival ?
Do you know if I always look for you in the shadow of a cold and humid night?
You never know
You never understand my lover!
What have you ever thought in my head?
Have you ever felt what is in my deepest of heart ?
And do you know also about the dreams that become my strength to face my loneliness?
Not my love ….
You always rely on your self
You always create that your feeling is be the number one and all your selfishness is the priority !
Have you ever asked to night or to noon?
Have you ever tried to find the answers to all the human questions about love?
Why should there be love if sometimes it is never answered what feels?
I am languished
My heart and soul are tormented
I want to go away from your shadow that always hug me together with the twilight at the end of the horizon !!!!

Indonesian Borneo 11 August 2018 (14.09pm)
Autor Rini Valentina

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