Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 10, 2018

SWEET SWAN~by Jotfi Amine




Image may contain: tree, plant and outdoor

You know: you are the sweetest swan,
Cos you see you’re the only one
My stoned eyes helplessly desire,
And who stirs my dormant fire.
Indeed: you are the rarest swan,
Who has forever my heart won
With delights of the first order,
And pleasures which strained my ardor.
So open your heart and let’s start
A love ride inside your sweet reins,
As trolling in your distant part
Must be bliss if your bosom deigns.
So what shall I ail, sapient swan,
To lock you in my golden cage,
Some malign mal or eternal ban?
Or shall I subside my rough rage
And sustain in secret like a sage??

Copyright@Jotfi Amine

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