Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 11, 2018

SWEET SWANS~by Jotfi Amine




Image may contain: 1 person, ocean, outdoor and water

Cheerful I pranced like a wild hound,
That bloats and boasts of his fresh round,
When I heard a spree of spring swans
Swimming in glee while the left ones
Gathered to simmer some sour plot,
To wade through the waters like a shot.
First I’d barely gorged the winsome sight
When they aroused my senses tight.
Once I caught sight of blooms stark naked
My heart blurted drives quite wicked
And while they splashed wet each other,
Some sweet swans started to gather.
Boisterous as the egrets that flock,
Their sultry songs spurred sobs stock.
They showed boons with delectable curves
And vaunted gifts which soothe the nerves.
As I was hiding I couldn’t laugh or wink
Lest they should dive deeply and sink.
They loudly swam in hordes like fish
Their eyes blurred and their lips relish
The soft foams where blossoms mellowed,
Dream to pace islets which billowed.. .
Since then I’ve returned there to pluck,
But it seems I’ve run out of luck.
Yet so far in my pensive mood
I still see swans completely nude.


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