Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 11, 2018

Winter~by rldubour




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Daylight is shorter, the darkness is long.

The weather is colder, snow covers the lawns.

Icicles’ hanging from all the roof tops.

Snow is still falling, when will it stop?

Winter brings holiday’s fun and good cheer.

With everything decorated, a good time of year.

You have to admit, with the new fallen snow.

The beauty of nature as she puts on her show.

The winds with their howling singing their songs.

To enjoy winters magic; it won’t be that long.

To view Mother Nature with her new coat of white.

Even in darkness she looks sparkling bright.

Winter the season, she is here to stay.

Embrace her charm and her reason, she will go away.

Her charm is her beauty her reason is known.

For the next coming season and its beauty be shown.

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