Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 12, 2018




DEFINED BY SOCIETY….(inspired by another’s quote)

Oh my gosh you look so skinny
Why are you so thin
Are you starving yourself 
To try and fit in
Like those models you keep seeing
Hey fattie
Why are you treating
Your body this way
You seem to be getting fatter everyday
You look fat and ugly
Why don’t you stop eating
Are you a glutton
You look so old
with your hair so white
Why don’t you color it
In something bright
Look at you
Are you trying to be young
Colouring your hair golden blond
White hair will suit you better
Since you are so much older
Why do you dress so sexy
So much are exposed
Why don’t you wear some decent clothes
You dress so shabbily
Like you don’t even care
Don’t you have better clothes to wear
I speak my mind loud and clear
And you say I’m rude
But I don’t care
If you think I am crude
Why are you so quiet
Why don’t you speak up
That’s what you should do
Don’t let anyone
Walk all over you
Why are you bawling and crying
Are you a weakling?
You are so cold like snow
Don’t you have feelings to flow?
No emotions you display
You have no feelings anyway
You are so outgoing and so bold and loud
And loved to be seen
Stop being a drama queen
Why do you keep to yourself
Don’t you like to be around others
Stop being a wallflower
We cannot please everyone,oh no
We should be ourselves
And not be afraid to let it show
Being defined by society
This should never be.


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