Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 12, 2018





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I crave to design a rustic country
Where the poor plain can live with the gentry
In complete peace century after century
And where children express pristine poetry
Whether it’s snowy, cloudy or wintry.
I moan for a land and a calm country
Where sparrows sing sonnets of serene peace
And my son prances cheerfully with my niece
And sips welfare absolute piece by piece
From heaven sent without wild wasps to pierce
Their ears or hearts basking in utter peace.
I dream of lands devoid of presidents
Where free citizens and residents
Won’t be deemed as outlaws or dissidents
For professed chaos or alleged precedents
Which were sparked to suit mental presidents.
I long for lands where enlightened mothers
Teach cherubic sons how to cheer fathers
And how sisters should treat loveable brothers
Lest age should shame all and no one bothers
I yearn for lands where spontaneous relief
Is granted free without wilful mischief
And where nobody behaves as a chief
Just to fleece the world of warmth like a thief
And swigs treats robbed by gyp beyond his fief.

all rights reserved
Jotfi Amine

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