Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 13, 2018

Don’t Cry~by Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule



Don’t Cry

You’ve been trying for years,
Nothing seem to work.
Life has beaten you to death,
Yet you still breathing, holding on.
You bleeding internal.
No wound can be seen.
No medicine is needed
Hold on, don’t cry.

I know life is mercilessly sometimes,
You sleep with an empty stomach.
Your soul is full of emptiness and hopelessness.
Your legs can’t take you further.
Hands are tired of pointing,
Pointing things that aren’t real.
Your body is exhausted.
But please pray harder.

You sometimes ask God why you suffering.
What have you done.
Why your life is full of sadness
Instead of happiness.
Suicidal thoughts playing on your mind.
You see yourself unworthy of living.
Thinking of leaving for good.
This is not permanent.
It’s a temporary situation that shall pass in no time.
Please wipe your tears, please don’t cry God is always there for you.

© Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule


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