Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 13, 2018

RUNNING OUT OF TIME~by William Thomas Fearby




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Hallowed images cloud
My troubled fading mind
Memories of a life I had
I left so far behind
Images of a lost and stolen moments
From the memories of my past
Things I have forgotten
I hoped and prayed would always last

I have lived a full and meaningful
But sometimes troubled life
I have known my fair share of ups and downs
The joys and all the strife
Time has been kind to me
Along life’s long highway
Everything I have witnessed
Has made me what I am today

But alas time is a double edged sword
And sometimes not so cool
It is taking content out of my memories
Why is time sometimes so cruel
It takes a lifetime for all your memories to form
And only seconds to take them away
I have to savour every moment
That will be gone by the end of the day

Memories were all I had left of my life
Now they are all deserting me
You have taken away the best of me
And everything that I used to be
Time why are you so cruel and heartless
You have stripped me of my life
I never knew you could be so unkind
All my life you have brought me strife

Time can be a great healer
Time can never stand still
Time can heal a broken heart
But somehow I know it never will
Time can take away a lot more memories
Than it can possibly give
Time is the great decider
Whether we die or if we live

If I could turn back the hands of time
Then most certainly I would
I would make each memory stay
And last forever if I possibly could
I would fill my life With memories
Of happiness so sublime
But alas my life is running out
Of hope and really precious time

William t Fearby. 12/05/2018
(C)@william t fearby


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