Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 14, 2018

TELL ME~by Piya Ghosh




Am I an innocent girl or a lissome woman
An object of desire
Or a veritable child woman?
Am I a daughter or a wife
A mother or a sister
Or an eternal beloved?
Am I a healer or a poet
An artist or a sculptor
Sculpting and carving words
Or a painter playing with myriad colours?
Am I a believer or an atheist
Or essentially a spiritual being?
Am I a dreamer building castles in the air,
A diehard romantic or a realist?

Am I just a physical form,
This mortal,temporary body alone
Or something more –
An entity,a spirit,
A part of the cosmos?
Do I exist yet do not
In this temporal,surreal world,
Dangling between hope and despair,
Vacillating between light and darkness,
Caught in the vortex of a whirlwind,
In the eye of a tornado?
Have I truly tried my best,
Am I a winner or a loser,
Who can say,who can judge?

Piya Ghosh~ 13-11-18

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