Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 15, 2018

Compunctions*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CCXXVI ~> Compunctions*

CCXXVI ~> Compunctions*
The look of askance hastened thrown your way,
Challenging you how much you’d dare to share,
Defining the stealth meaning of your day,
Seducing laughter the menace of your tear
Age old compunctions rather silence bear:
Should loving her be your last thing to do,
Gives you compelling reasons to withdraw!
Wherefore falling leaves make you think of spring?
Ere chills of winter mute your every word
Stronger than experience, hope shall bring
Unless subsumed by the load of discord,
Age old compunctions venture to be heard:
Should leaving you be an alternative
Would she stay, or would she prefer to leave!
You have one compelling way to find out;
Without showing how badly you are hurt.
You must substantiate faith in your doubt;
Sport a modicum semblance of rapport,
With your innermost sanctum of support:
Compunctions double not for second thoughts;
The latter are fraught with malicious doubts!
*Hook image (UndineByTheTree.jpg) sequestered, uncaptioned from the Pinterest Undine cyber collection reached my inbox by promotional subscription.

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