Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 16, 2018

LILY OF A NIGHT~by Saroj K Padhi




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Tremors of an unfamiliar kind
travel thro’ the body of Water Lily
as the Supermoon walks across the sky
on the chest of water casting her glowing dye,
with her haloed arc growing to touch and feel
an Earth under the sheath of a winter night
that casts a nervous shadow over distant hill
and is ready to hug new light in apparel bright;

but lo ! our Earth shivers at heart at this fling
as the moon advances with each growing ring
with an unknown, seething fright
lurking in some dark centers of his disheveled body
in thick, uncombed jungles away from sight
where terror has its tryst with bloody death
and life is steeped in stupid, blind faith;

yet there is always a time for joy
in midst of all sickness, death and tragic ploy
as the Lily feels she is one with the moon and the sky
in moment of bright bliss, far away from the bug of clay
that forces her after a night full of mirth, to fade and die.

Copy right : @ Saroj Kumar Padhi


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