Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 16, 2018

LOFTY AMBITIONS.~by David Adejumo




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Lord give me wings
like an eagle
so I can soar 
and giggle
in the sky
with a prey in sight…..

O give me sights
like an Owl
so I can
see through
the dangers of the
dusk and the
steepest valleys….

O Give me Mights
like a Giant
so I can move
the highest mountains
and scale
the monstrous fountains

Give me hope
So my belly can cope
in this Jungle
and I shall lope
like a deer in search
of game….

Give me love
so my heart will
be as a dove
and I shall
shelter the Poor
in my cove…..

Oh Lord give me strength
like a lion
so I can be courageous
in this outrageous
quest of mine
in search of purpose.

Give me feet
to stand tall
in the face of
an ineluctable defeat
on my rise above the tides.

Give me voice
like a mockingbird
so I can
bring healing
to the Downtrodden and voiceless

Give me power
in this dangerous days and hour
so I can conquer the devils
and succumb the evils
on my route to Paradise…..

Give me the heart
of gold
So I can be bold
to undertake
this difficult task………..✍️😔🌄

David Adejumo GIFTED PEN…

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