Posted by: Ron DuBour | November 16, 2018

” MESOZOIC ” ~by Martin Gedge‎



POEM ” MESOZOIC ” by martin gedge

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Digging beneath the sands and stones
of treasure finds and Ivory bones
where once in time these fossil homes
had a future close at hand
from age of light to shadows dark
to live and breathe Jurassic park
into this godly world embark
until the birth of man
to feed upon the fruits of time
they learn to hunt to seek and find
a clash of two one would decline
and sadly pay the price
a torch survives to fuel the flame
a burning fight for human gain
for those who struggled to sustain
would freeze into the ice
and just to think that they exist
to every archeologist
that god would even take to risk
to see what lies in wait
to truly know that in this land
that every nature has a plan
what will fall and what will stand
deciding our own fate…

by martin gedge©

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